Rules of Travel

Travel Etiquette

Our rules of travel

CANADIANS are known worldwide for our manners, kindness, safety, and respect which are all part of the Angel model. Let’s keep that model rolling.


Identification is mandatory when traveling with us. For security ,comfort and care of all our guests and staff, we must insist that you travel with your VALID PHOTO I.D. Angel Tours has the right to refuse guests without proof of ID.


Please respect all our staff, passengers and Angel property including the buses. If you’re having a bad day, we understand, we have them too, but lets not ruin everyone else’s day. It takes a team to maintain the safety and comfort of our luxury coaches and we need your respect to keep them in good condition.

Our Drivers and Staff:

Driver’s have a great responsibility transporting people, don’t ever under estimate their role. If you have an issue you need to discuss with the driver, please speak with her/him after when its safe to do so when he/she is not behind the wheel. If your issue is with the driver then please call our office to let us know. Yelling at the driver can add stress to the drivers clarity and compromise safety of our guests. An angel you know could be on our bus, please respect the driver and large moving vehicles.


For your safety please remain seated while the bus is in motion. The washroom on the bus is there for emergencies only. Unless you have a medical reason, food and drinks are not permitted on the buses. We recommend timing your personal needs before and after you arrive at your destination and not when you get on the bus. Please keep your shoes on your feet while traveling on the bus. Its unsafe not to have shoes on your feet.

Bus Washroom:

The washroom on the bus is there for emergencies. We recommend timing your personal needs before and after you arrive at your destination and not when you get on the bus. We understand this is one of those things we can’t always control.

JOKE- you know how they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well what happens in the washroom stays with the bus until it returns to the yard for service. Please try to use public bathrooms before boarding.

Scent Free Zones:

Angel buses are scent free zones. Please be considerate of others by not wearing perfumes and colognes. Please keep your shoes on in the bus. Foot odor is offensive and it’s unsafe to have your shoes off.

Let’s work together so we can enjoy the travel experience.

Rude or offensive behaviors like yelling, tapping or pushing will not be tolerated on any of our services. Guests who behave this way will have to find another way to get around.