Chartering a coach

If you have been given the responsibility of chartering a coach, the Ontario Motor Coach Association and Motor Coach Canada have provided vital information to better help you plan your event

Angel Tours and Entertainment Inc. and Ontario Motor Coach Association are advocates of safety and education. Keeping our highways safe comes with a cost but not all operators comply, price should never be the deciding factor when transporting your Angels

When chartering a coach it’s important to know the following:
  • size of group
  • date, time, and location of departure
  • destination
  • departure date and time
  • what are you doing when you get there
  • if your event requires an overnight stay please provide your itinerary. (If you don’t have one, one of our Angels can help you create one)
  • IDENTIFICATION is mandatory when travelling with us.  For security ,comfort and care of all our guests and staff, we must insist that you travel with your VALID PHOTO I.D.  Angel Tours has the right to refuse guests without proof of ID.

This information will help us travel safely.