Casino Rama VIP Schedule

ATTENTION VALUED GUESTS,  on January 23, 2019 we ended service at Kennedy and Bonis Rd. due to a by-law change prohibiting buses on Bonis Rd. We apologize and encourage you to make reservations to avoid any inconveniences.
Thank you for your patience.


For individual reservations to Casino Rama please call 1-888-817-7262.

If you are an active GOLD or above cardholder, your ride is FREE with Angel Tours to Casino Rama Resort.
Proof of identification is required when boarding the bus. *some restrictions apply.

***Gold Card holders and above ride for free! Red card holders and new card members pay $10.00 per person.*
***NOTE: Basic card holders and new card members may only reserve seats 3 days or less before travel. 

***For individual reservations to Casino Rama Resort please call 1-888-817-7262. 

Angel Tours offers Free Parking at select locations please refer to the daily schedule. For any locations that do not offer free parking patrons are parking at their own risk and Angel Tours will not be held responsible for any ticketing and towing.

As of January 2019

Click an image below to download a PDF copy

Free Parking with reservations at locations with this symbol

(Oriental Centre)
12:30pm 07:00pm
02:30pm 09:00pm
05:30pm 01:00am
(On Sandhurst Circle outside LCBO)
10:30am 05:00pm
12:30pm 08:00pm
02:30pm 10:00pm
03:30pm 11:00pm
(Miliken Wells Shopping Centre - outside Fish Noodle Soup Restaurant)
10:45am 05:00pm
11:45am 07:00pm
12:45pm 08:00pm
02:45pm 10:00pm
03:45pm 11:00pm
05:45pm 01:00am
07:45pm 04:00am
09:45pm 05:00am
(Bus Terminal Platform 2)
12:20pm 7:00pm
(On Bamburgh Circle - outside McDonald's)
02:45pm 9:00pm
(Victoria Terrace - Outside No Frills)
(Sheridan Mall outside Coffee Time)
11:20am 06:00pm
01:20pm 08:00pm
03:15pm 10:00pm
05:15pm 12 midnight
06:45pm 01:00am
08:15pm 4:00am
(YRT Bus Terminal Platform 16)
09:45am 05:30pm
01:00pm 07:00pm
02:45pm 10:00pm
(Bus Terminal Platform 12)
11:00am 06:00pm
01:00pm 08:00pm
03:00pm 10:00pm
04:45pm 12 midnight
06:25pm 01:00am
08:00pm 04:00am
(SW Corner Carpool Parking Lot)
03:45pm 10:00pm
(Iona Square Shopping Plaza)
Fri/Sat Only
(Square One near Tim Hortons)
Fri/Sat Only
(Bramalea City Centre Drive SW Corner)
North York
(By TTC stop on North side of Steeles)
Richmond Hill
(On Red Maple Rd. - South of Tim Hortons)
10:10am 05:30pm
11:10am 06:00pm
03:10pm 10:00pm
04:20pm 11:00pm
(Commerce Gate - at side of Simmer Huang Restaurant)
08:55am 04:00pm
10:25am 05:30pm
11:00am 06:00pm
03:00pm 09:00pm
04:10pm 11:00pm
06:30pm 01:00am
08:20pm 04:00am
10:20pm 05:00am
(SW Side Carpool Parking Lot Bus Platform)
11:45am 05:30pm
01:45pm 07:00pm
03:30pm 10:00pm
05:40pm 12 midnight
08:30pm 4:00am
(SW Corner - Carpool Parking Lot)
09:30am 04:00pm
10:45am 05:30pm
11:45am 06:00pm
01:45pm 08:00pm
04:45pm 11:00pm
07:15pm 01:00am
08:40pm 04:00am
10:40pm 05:00am
Downtown Central
(222 Spadina Avenue - Chinatown Centre)
06:25pm 01:00am
Fri/Sat Only
Downtown East
(NW Corner on Gerrard St. - across from Hamilton St.)
06:00pm 01:00am
Fri/Sat Only
(Pacific Mall)
09:00am 03:00pm
09:45am new 04:30pm
11:00am 05:00pm
12:00pm 07:00pm
Fri/Sat Only
01:00pm 08:00pm
03:00pm 10:00pm
04:00pm 11:00pm
06:00pm 01:00am
08:00pm 04:00am
10:00pm 05:00am

Angel Tours Casino bus schedule effective January 23, 2019

Premium seating in the first 4 rows is available at a fee of $50. Fees may be waived for eligible Diamond or PlatPlus cardholders. Disability seating starts at row 4 when available, it is subject to reservations and proof of disability.

The bus fare for regular Players Passport members is $10.00 per person and free of charge for Gold card holders and above. Guests without a Players Passport Card will be subject to $10.00 bus fare. Concert fares will be applied to Basic card holders and new card members at a rate of $10.00 per passenger on all concert days. Participants must be over 19 years of age and carry valid government-issued photo ID upon boarding buses bound to the casino. Angel Tours reserves the right to charge $30.00 if either valid photo ID or Players Passport card is not presented at the time of boarding. Bus fare is not refundable. Angel Tours reserves the right to charge an additional fee upon departure for non-Casino customers. This service is intended for the use of Casino customers only. Programs are subject to change without notice.

Know your limit, play within it.

Ontario Gambling Helpline 1.888.230.3505